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Title: Lawsuit- federal ban on aid for students w/drug offenses
Post by: Avery L. Breath on October 29, 2005, 12:02:59 PM
Recent email I recieved,

Dear ......,

I work with a coalition of organizations seeking to repeal the federal ban on financial aid for students convicted of drug offenses.  We help to administer the John W. Perry scholarship fund which provides grants to students affected by this policy.  Because you applied for a scholarship through the Perry Fund we’re hoping that you might also be interested in an important project we are working on right now.

The Coalition for Higher Education Act Reform (CHEAR) is seeking persons affected by the Higher Education Act (HEA) drug provision who might be interested in becoming parties to a class action lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law.  

If you have been affected by the HEA drug provision, meaning you have been delayed or denied eligibility for federal financial aid because of a drug conviction, please consider helping us take this momentous step.  If you would be willing to consider becoming a plaintiff in this important lawsuit or if you would simply like more information about this effort, please contact our offices as soon as possible.  Our number is listed below.  If you cannot dial long distance, please just respond to this email with a phone number and time you can be reached.  

Advocates hope to file this case within the next month or two, so please call us now.  The longer we wait, the more students who will have the opportunity of an education taken away from them because of a best mistake.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Christopher Mulligan
Campaign Director
Coalition for Higher Education Act Reform (CHEAR)
(202) 232-7111
(202) 293-8344 (fax)