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« Reply #15 on: October 20, 2005, 09:56:13 AM »
Yo Bush:  Keep up the good fight...   Since 'da powers 'dat be just assigned me mod status for the Entheogen Law Forum, I would agree this thread need to be placed there.  Alas, senor knows not how to move threads...  Ha, if'n ignorance is bliss, then senor is 'stoned-immaculate' :lol: ----------- sal
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« Reply #16 on: October 20, 2005, 01:23:51 PM »
Well...I'll update you all on the situation,

The EDF had started the process of a judicial review against the goverment.  With the help of the UK psychedelic internet community the EDF managed to raise £20,000 which was a victory in its own right.  The solicitors they got told them they had a very good chance and indeed we did have science, evidence the lot on our side.

Well the EDF had a few serious hiccups in the build up to this that basically cripped the website from being updated and donations halted due to this.  Infact we may have lost another £20k in donations going on the previous trend.

This hiccup that the EDF suffered is detailed on their site and other than the site not being updated also several thousand pounds were stolen.  

The solicitors in recent weeks however have now come back to the EDF and said they dont have a good chance at all, quoting that the goverment had evidence ( The Hassler report...a small scale report showing increases blood pressure after psilocybin ingestion....will get link for you all soon bu the report is being seriously mis represented ) that went against our case...this however was not true Hasler himself was contacted and told the UK goverment were misrepresenting his study and pledged he would stand up in court and explain that his study really does not show a harm to public health of mushrooms.  

Also, the solicitors told the various EDF members that it was a possibility even if they won they may have to pay some court fee's due to them having a vested interest.  They also said that should we lose that all the fee's could be applicable to the EDF...that could mean house re-possession for EDF members.  

It seems very strange to me that the solicitors said at the start we had a good chance and then at the end said we had a bad chance.  I smell a rat..

Now the solicitors could have stitched us up just for the's possible, maybe even probable but I am not so sure.  What I see is that the whole legal system is very clickey, I dont know for sure but I have a feeling the solicitors may have been 'leaned on' on this one....there professional peers and circles may not have approved and they may have feared this was the case.  I have no evidence but it does not seem like an unlikely possibility.

And since then we have heard not a single announcement from the EDF..what I report here im hearing on the grapevine through various sources.

But alas, whether the EDF are going to continue we are unsure.  A possible solution is for the EDF to be ready for when someone first gets prosecuted for this, the law is not valid until someone is arrested,charged, found guilty and sentenced..followed then by al the appeal possibilities.  The EDF could have a great role in offering and obtaining the best evidence and expert witnesses to help whoever happens to come up against the law on only takes one win and the law will be revoked.

In the meantime it has been frustrating to all concerned that £20k has been wasted in this process.

There are also other possibilities and movements avaiable that people are working on..  it seems the battle for the judicial review has been lost the war however will go on.

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I'll take care of that for you, senor.
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