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The Long House / Re: MIA Brother and sisters still unaccounted for.
« on: January 05, 2015, 02:49:24 PM »
And actually reset my password now :)

SPF Chat /
« on: June 21, 2005, 12:47:40 AM »

that should be it.

The Long House /
« on: June 06, 2005, 06:28:09 PM »
Yeah, sorry about that. Word was going around that you were Sphere over @ shroomery. Proably spilled over here.

SPF Chat / Recent Chat Problems.
« on: May 08, 2005, 07:13:25 PM »
There was a server hardware failure a week ago and since then the chat has been hosted off my Main PC.

I have a secondary server (10x as powerful then the one it was on) Just sitting upstairs doing nothing. (it used to host Pot & Jesus the AI bots.)
I will be moving it downstairs into the server area very soon and then I will move the IRC onto it.

Stability will be back :P

SPF Chat /
« on: April 01, 2005, 06:49:19 PM »
IRC Server has now been stable again since Mar 28, 2005 7:44 pm.

SPF Chat /
« on: March 28, 2005, 02:44:46 PM »
Oh baby jesus!

I did a firmware upgrade, result? NEW IP AGAIN

SPF Chat /
« on: March 27, 2005, 03:58:11 PM »
Looks like the ISP wants me on a diffrent Subnet.

New IP: is being redirected now
if it doesnt work, try or just goto Run and type 'ipconfig /flushdns'

« on: March 21, 2005, 02:06:46 AM » is the new ip for the IRC server. still needs to be forwarded to this new ip.

Things will be fixed soon, i am building a new PC to use as my main router. I think my switch is on its last leg.

The Site /
« on: March 07, 2005, 01:08:21 AM »
I didn't read this entire thread but.. from the webmaster technical side..

we have nowhere near the linkbase to this site that we had at there was a DMOZ entry, links all around the web and was well known by many people. With the .com gone and .org in its place, it is a hard start to get in good with the links. Untill the .com domain is regained, there will be this problem. There is a TON of valuable traffic to this site being lost beacuse of the new domain.

Don't be quick to blame any posting trends on anything else. This is a HUGE loss because those links were largly from other entheogenic sites which would have brought users intrested in.. well.. entheogens!

So yeah, its a sad thing and I hope the .Com is regained soon.
That will for sure bring in many many many more people intrested in specificly entheogen related topics.

wait a sec. when was ed always in the chat? That man, though he attended the chat, made himself scarse.

and wtf is going on here. where did the free bowl of chill pills go? everyone has ate the uninformed judgment pills instead.

SPF Chat /
« on: February 09, 2005, 12:02:55 PM »
The chat is currently UP but my internet connection is having some issues.

I've spoken to someone on the same network as me and they are having the same packet loss issues. This should be fixed very soon though, its already been going on too long.

I will call my ISP and scream at them again.

Sorry for the problem.
(they gotta happen sometime)

The Cybershack /
« on: February 04, 2005, 03:11:10 PM »
You will get this error anytime corrupted information is transfered.

it could be:

Bad Ram
Bad EIDE (hard drive interface)
Bad Hard Drive
Bad Motherboard
Bad Media
Bad ...

really it could be anything that causes bad data. Damn I hate when hardware gives stupid generic errors that have a million possible points to check.

The Site /
« on: February 04, 2005, 02:31:27 PM »
nitro: I don't have anything against you. But you ain't be a real regular contributor to the spf forums for the last few years. As far as I could tell, you didn't really like us or maybe just didn't have much interest in participating. I know.... you can be found in chat. But that's really a distinct community from the spf boards. Some may go back and forth but it is still two seperate entities.

Ok, so all those post I made just never got read by you. I, on average, made one post a day. Yes, I have been a little slower with my posting over the last almost year, but I have been finishing my schooling. (school comes first!) I dont know why you assume I didn't like SPF or that I didn't have intrest in participating. I guess yeah, its that you only use the forums where as I frequent both the chat and forums so I guess I am seen as 'more active' by those users who also participate in the chat as well as the forums.  (like cenacle and cassie)

You may contine to float the idea that I dislike this place and the only reason im helping is some hidden side reason im not telling anyone. But it is not true and Its very annoying to keep have you throwing out there like it were even slightly connected to any shred of evidence.

"I have a tough time believing that those in charge of planning had no clue as to the volitility of the issues at hand."

I don't get why you would think we dont know about the volitility of the issue when we have been posting on the exact point that we do know the volitility of the issue and that it was a accident from misunderstanding of a unclarified acceptance.

"I had a problem with eddy ruling the site (spf) from chat. And I have the perception that the ones in charge here will be prone to the same management style. "

The problem was eddy was never around. And He was rarely on the chat in the past 4 years I have hosted it. He frequented the forums more.

"cen is definitely a spf regular. Of those at the top, he seems the most likely candidate to run the community and keep the small people in mind. "

Thats why I discuss every action I take with him.
I am not a 'moderator' here. You have made it painfully clear that less people think of me as a part of SPF then I previously assumed. I am an 'Administrator' here to preform technical duties for the moderators. So I wont be the one rocking the boat, I'm just here to make sure that boat doesn't sink. Don't worry, i wont pulling down the mast and trying to install a motor on the back.

[incomplete stats]

The Site /
« on: February 01, 2005, 02:10:05 PM »
*the protected forums do not require the marijuana forum, that was an example*

"Chat Appointments"?

Winder, i'm guessing you dont use the chat that often but most people in the chat.. are always in the chat.. People could make Appointments to meet but thats not really the point of IRC or the chat. Its like having a forum, where people are posting like crazy, but its easier to keep up with.
IRC is just more useful to carry on a conversation. You aren't waiting hours or days to get a reply that didn't address the topic. hehe.

There are always people on the chat to talk to.

"Am I correct in the assumption that chat is not archivable?"
There are 'logs' people can keep, but there isnt a index like Google that you can search for logs.

"If we have a protected forum it would make no sense to limit it to mj. That would be one of the things allowed to be discussed among others. The questions we need to decide are is it going to be visible and what are the standards for getting in? If it's visible then people can request admission but then they will be unhappy if turned down."

Well, the MJ thing was just an example. To start I would say just a general discussion forum could be created to start.
"The Underground" - Where we hide from prying eyes.
... something along those lines. hehe.

"If there are no standards and anyone can get it, what's the point? What should be the standards for admission?"

Did you miss my post on the legal aspect of how Opt-In forums could help?
"its not so much as protecting those forums from the world, but to give other members a legal defence to lean on. Not that one would ever be needed, it can help to calm paranoia. Server files would clearly show you had NO access to that area. Don't you need Mens Rea and Actus Reus to commit any crime? If you can show you had no access, it would be impossible for you to be found to have actus reus, let alone mens rea."

Plus, You can require reading of an additional disclamer which makes it even clearer that no law enforcement persons are allowed access without making their presence known first.. again, not really needed, but an option for added security if you are really that scared about nothing.

"IMO, there is no need to start a new "beginner" MJ forum when so many "pro" forums already exist. "

IMO, I don't want to have to tell people here to start visiting overgrow com and view a thread so they can see my post on marijuana. Why not just post the thread in the protected forum. No googlebot to index it as part of the site and we know who has access to view it. Heck, you can see who has viewed it. Else I just have to not post, or make a post with a link. But with the current SPF rules, can i even post the overgrow link?

Plus, SPF has my friends, not overgrow. I want to show/say things to YOU HERE, not someone else i dont know elsewhere.

The Site /
« on: January 30, 2005, 12:54:54 AM »
Keep in mind its not so much as protecting those forums from the world, but to give other members a legal defence to lean on. Not that one would ever be needed, it can help to calm paranoia.  Server files would clearly show you had NO access to that area.  Don't you need Mens Rea and Actus Reus to commit any crime? If you can show you had no access, it would be impossible for you to be found to have actus reus, let alone mens rea.

From wikipedia:
Mens rea is a criminal law concept which focuses on the mental state of the accused and requires proof of a positive state of mind such as intent, recklessness, or willful blindness. In jurisdictions with due process, some level of mens rea is always a required element of the crime with which the defendant is charged, and must be proven by the prosecution. Most civil law claims also incorporate some level of mens rea as a required element, with the exception of strict liability torts.

Mens rea comes from the Latin phrase; Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea, translated An act does not make a man guilty unless his mind be also guilty. Mens rea roughly translates to guilty mind.
Actus reus is the action (or inaction, in the case of criminal negligence and similar crimes which are sometimes called acts of omission) which, in combination with the mens rea ("guilty mind"), produces criminal liability in common law based criminal law jurisdictions such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. According to criminal jurisprudence, there must be a concurrence of both actus reus and mens rea for a crime to have been committed.

The phrase derives from a quotation from Edward Coke actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea,1 which roughly translated means "an act does not make someone a criminal unless (their) mind is guilty."

Thinbuddah said:
I just don't think it should be "hidden" because that places the rest of the board members in a compromised position- Do we look, or not look? What's really going on in there? Are they incrimination themselves (and potentially us?) If not, then why does it need to be hidden? And- as has been brought up- since anyone can get to it- is it really "hidden"? It's just "spiritplants MJ forum" at that point- with another layer of passwords.

It would be visible so people know about it, but permissions can be set to only allow access to those who want it. There will be responsible mods needed before any forum would even be concidered. Someone would have too keep up the site wide policies within the forum. There is no worry about self incrimination, thats why we have mods to fix any if it should appear.

SPF Chat / Who uses the Chat?
« on: January 29, 2005, 07:49:07 PM »
Statistics cover Sunday 28.11.2004 to Saturday 29.1.2005
During this 63-day reporting period a total of 379 people visited #spiritplants

Lines: Over 784,647

Top Users:
1   @cassie
2   loki
3   Sapient-Fu333
4   @freddie
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7   @EvilWonka
8   @khronus
9   @brown
10   +n00dle
11   casek
12   @elfspice
13   JRL
14   oghran^
15 @RcHaCk
16   ClinicalLycanthrope
17   @lain
18   RedDragon
19   @liquis
20   david
21   alfie
22   @DELUDE
23   whiteshadow
24   +brian
25   @Mok
26   whiteshadowODL
27   StarCat
28   liquis_
29   fredd
30   LoveParasite

Wrote less then 1400 Lines:

 pope_loki_I (1349)     nitrolearn (1312)     dephighance (1301)     +jesus (1294)     Mawkz (1124)     m0x (1123)     futori (1013)     tipica (980)     dissident (947)     @IOPan (861)     Andromeda (858)     fredddie (845)     zoinq (836)     Ole_Sok (803)     Maya (753)     michael (683)     YubYub (648)     Coja (645)     pkeffect (610)     WS (608)     dogsoul (601)     Dagger (596)     yoda (592)     +pot (576)     ShamanicJew (524)     @elfstone (524)     Mike (501)     @scribbles (483)     M0k (471)     trade_om (467)     fodgers (451)     Torsalo (449)     Mystia (443)     uNkL3GRANPa (430)     Mawk (428)     Pychotropic (419)     CanadianHerbalRemedy (412)     forf (399)     +JavaUser (370)     stevo (367)     visionaryb3ar (364)     tim (357)     semilanceata (347)     doppelganger (334)     LordOfTheGreenFluffyPants (333)     camel (321)     me (316)     fredula (312)     Howze (297)     solaced (295)     FERNIA (290)     Sydney7 (289)     jeoni (286)     Fu333 (277)     spikey (274)     ogie (274)     tralfaz (232)     Nomic (224)     m00k (214)     williamja (211)     _ (209)     pink (206)     css (204)     xtorris (196)     Sid (190)     Cenny (189)     uNkL3GRAMPa (184)     nitro (182)     DELUDE_ (181)     Frank (179)     BurningPotatoawk (171)     Kaloomith (165)     jespar (155)     green (151)     FecalWisdom (151)     White_Shadow (147)     jeremy (146)     zen (144)     INdra (143)     Rylle (135)     MushroomMike (134)     Bok (131)     Spoopy (128)     tempnick (127)     Workman (123)     rd_bb (122)     vpirate (117)     Eupho (113)     bush (113)     @Satori (112)     Bee (112)     descolada (109)     Sammi (107)     i_raq (107)     jdm (106)     waikoikoi (101)     DJ_KHRONUS (100)     DJ-RC (99)     eddy (98)     RD (96)     Chris (92)     ayaM (86)     vis-fred (85)     Immortorsalo (82)     br0wn (81)     T0rz4l0 (80)     Lucius (79)     CAPITALPUNISHMENT (79)     veracohr (78)     marijuana (78)     Delphic (78)     whiteshadowofdamplands (76)     x_0 (75)     {^^^- (74)     semilantacea (71)     DELsick (69)     semilancaeta (68)     TroutMask (67)     naptsum (67)     Maya^ (67)     Dr_Fred (65)     judih (64)     HassleHoff (64)     TheVivisected (62)     SunWonka (59)     Mok_sweep (59)

Big Numbers
cassie couldn't decide whether to come or go and joined #spiritplants 491 times during this reporting period...

Quit message spammers
Nick    percentage    Random Quote
1. Nomic   50.0 %    (Leaving)
2. pkeffect   20.0 %    (Input/output error)

loki liked talking about themself - 394 descriptions altogether.
    [16:47] * loki ponders

The evil guard of #spiritplants was freddie who got this reputation after kicking out 15 people.
    [22:27] <JavaUser> did you all kick me
[22:28] * JavaUser was kicked by freddie (freddie)

Mok only managed to kick 6 people.

The sore butt award goes to jesus for being kicked out 11 times.
    [11:53] <jesus> I wanna get banned from the earth angle marked, and the energy of the land of the project for the last 1 days: casek: 4983 lines, yo: 2502, nitroburn: 2226, brown: 2025, cenacle: 2002, danny-wrk: 596, scribbles: 459.
[12:15] * jesus was kicked by freddie (freddie)

pot was thrown out just 6 times.
jesus liked to say "nitro", doing so 575 times.
me seemed to have a lot to shout about - yell percentage of 19%!
The second loudest on the block: RedDragon - 14% with high volume!
freddie was #spiritplants's op-fairy, giving out 6 ops.
IOPan behaved badly and got deopped 5 times.
tralfaz was either being philosophical or just plain clueless - 25% of lines contained questions.
pink was also looking for answers with a question ratio of 24%.

loki seemed to prefer talking to themself, writing over 5 lines in a row 322 times...

Sapient-Fu333 also liked talking to themself - caught on camera 237 times.
freddie had a sticky shift button - wrote 158 lines in CAPS.
    [12:15] <freddie> BIZARRO

Average line length on #spiritplants was 30 letters.

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