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The Site / New Changes coming....
« on: January 10, 2011, 09:07:01 AM »
More details soon. This will hopefully be for the best!    :smoke:3

The Site / Site donors keep us running, speacial thanks to these folks!
« on: October 24, 2010, 03:20:51 PM »
Total needed for this year = 90Euros


    anon donation

    We did it! Thanks everyone!


    The Site / no donations yet.....
    « on: October 10, 2010, 04:30:41 AM »
    Hate to even ask but, we are going to need some (a couple) donations this year. We haven't had any yet, at all.

    Don't like PayPal, PM me and we can work something out.


    -kemp  :)

    The Site / Down time
    « on: January 28, 2010, 08:47:16 AM »
    Sorry for the down time. Shouldn't happen again any time soon.

    Post away!   :smoke2:


    The Site / New moderators
    « on: January 09, 2010, 08:46:10 PM »
    To attempt to get more activity around this place, we will consider new folks for moderators. If you have an interest in one of the forums and have some experience with plants or entheogens (and possibly moderating elsewhere), post here and we will consider you.

    Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions.


    -Kemp  :)

    The Long House / Happy birthday Methos!
    « on: September 25, 2009, 04:52:43 PM »
    Hope you are doing well on your b-day bro!  

    Smoke one for me :smoke2:

    The Long House / Happy 10th birthday Spiritplants!
    « on: August 29, 2009, 11:56:30 PM »
    Happy birthday everyone.... the forum is 10 years old the end of July/beginning of August this year. I wonder if Eddy has been around since he left a few years ago.... I think he would be proud to see this girl still kickin on after 10years.

    I am thinking we should do something special this year... anyone have any suggestions?

    Entheogen Law / Very tough MJ law in NC
    « on: July 24, 2009, 12:37:02 PM »
    I was just browsing today and came across this scary article - http://

    It basically states -
    Code: [Select]
    Any person 18 years of age or older who knowingly sells or gives a pregnant woman marijuana is guilty of this crime. This crime is punished as a Class D felony. A Class D felony in North Carolina (NC) is an extremely serious crime punishable by up to 229 months in the North Carolina Department of Corrections. This is roughly 19 years in a state prison.It goes on further and says -
    The interesting elements of this crime are that the defendant has to know that he or she is selling or delivering the substance. However, the defendant need not know that the woman is pregnant. That part of the crime is strict liability in terms of guilt. This can cause some extremely perverse consequences.

    If you happen to live in NC, you had better know your laws!

    The Long House / Welcome back DI = Genius Loci
    « on: July 10, 2009, 05:18:50 PM »
    Made you a co-moderator of the Long House.

    To those that don't remember, Discarnate Intelligence was a member since pretty much day one and was a member of before it was ruled by ...lunaticea  :smoke2:

    SPF Chat / SSL issues with the chat
    « on: May 05, 2009, 08:15:29 PM »
    Yes, the chat was moved to another server, by Andy. It is up and running fine, the only thing is SSL is not working for most people apparently.

    I need to clear up some confusions though. I did not setup the server nor is it running on any of my PCs. I don't actually know where it is currently. I do have some limited access to make changes and have tried doing a few things to try and correct the problem. Andy supplies the server space and bandwidth for almost nothing so, we need to work with what we have and try to resolve this on our own, until maybe he gets some time to help.

    Here is what I have tried -

    I have tired changing ports, to 7000 and others. Haven't heard any feedback from people about whether that worked or not.

    I changed the config to accept connections on - ipaddress:6697 (for instance and *:6697 (and also *.7000).

    In all cases I am able to connect but others have said they can't, though I haven't heard any specifics, like what the error messages were.

    What you can do to help -

    Post here with what the specific error messages are, when you try to connect. Details help...

    If you have any experience with setting up irc or SSL, offer suggestions. I would love to get this working but I am having a hard time seeing what the problem is, mainly because I can connect fine.

    We'll get it working eventually, hang in there and please don't let it stop you from chatting.  :-)


    The Cave / Full 911 call from pot-eating cop
    « on: March 03, 2009, 11:10:51 PM »
    You must listen to this -
    A cop stole some pot and made brownies.... he and his wife ate a bunch.... now he calls 911 cause he thinks he and his wife are dying.
    My mom heard this on CNN and had to mention it to me.  :smoke2:


    The Site / Site moved... and some remaining issues
    « on: March 01, 2009, 11:31:20 PM »
    The site has had some issues as we moved it this weekend. We were out of space and close to our bandwidth usage... which is strange as we never used that much before.

    You may notice that pictures posted the month of Feb are not showing.... don't worry, they are all still there. It is one of the issues we are working on.

    Thanks goes to Andy who has paid for the new space and bandwidth and basically done the whole move.
    More to come soon...

    Thanks for your patience!   :smoke1

    SPF Chat / SPF bot - The manual
    « on: February 21, 2009, 08:42:20 PM »
    There has been some confusion on what the bot can and can't do so I thought we needed this -

    SPF manual

    The first thing to know about the bot is that it is a mix of several bots together. It has, right now, 3 groups of functions.

    1. It announces the radio station and what is playing, every half hour. What it announces, and how often it does this can be modified, however we like. There are however some things it can't do.
        The one thing it WILL NOT DO currently is announce the radio with the current song, ON DEMAND. In other words, there is no command to make it announce the currently playing song.
        This function of the bot is ENTIRELY separate from the other 2 parts. They do not work interchangeably.

    2. It has a weather display and Google search function. Both of these commands start with a "." (period). To display the weather in some city type ".w zipcode" (or city). Example: ".w 10027" (without the quotes)
        The Google search is very similar; just type ".g search text"  Here is an example:  ".g dmt plants" (without the quotes)
    3. The 3rd group of functions is all about what you do with it. Anyone in the chat can program it and I encourage you to do so. The original name of the bot is Infobloot which can be found on the internet along with the tutorial.
        Here is a link to the modified tutorial, please read at least some of it (it's not that long) -
        All the commands in this group start with the bot name and then a comma, like this - "SPF, Cennacle is djing" (without the quotes)
        Some commands are already programmed in as people have already started adding them factoids.
        Factoids is the word used in the tutorial. One of the factoids I have added is the radio station link... so if you type "SPF, radio" it will show you some links to the radio (I did this because people keep typing semi-random stuff trying to get the bot to announce the something, maybe the current song, which it will not do, see #1 above).
        The bot can also be programmed to say random strings when someone says "hi" or "hello". Many chatters have already seen this and commented positively and negatively.
    Some things to note -

    Anyone can add factoids that the bot can then say. Anyone can also ask the bot questions and it will reply only if it has been programmed to do so with the key words used. See the tutorial above.

    All things in group #3 that the bot says, can be changed or deleted by a bot master (not my wording, see the tutorial). Currently there are 3 bot masters, Cennacle, IOPan and Lucious and I can add you as a master if you want, just ask.
        Also, a master can shut off the bot or even make it quit the channel. (Shutting off the bot will not stop it from announcing the radio, that is totally separate, see #1 above)
    If the bot bothers you in any way, the easiest thing to do is turn on ignore in your IRC client.

    If you don't' like the bot and if you want something changed, ask nicely. Complaining or saying something is lame won't get you far.  :bnope:

    Enjoy the bot! It is highly programmable and the parts that can't be programmed directly by users can likely be changed by me. I am very open to constructive criticism and suggestions.   :smoke:3


    The Shamans Hut / DMT is an Endogenous Sigma-1 Receptor Regulator
    « on: February 13, 2009, 01:58:12 AM »
    Found this pretty interesting but didn't know were to post it.... maybe a new news forum?


    The Hallucinogen N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) Is an Endogenous Sigma-1 Receptor Regulator
    Dominique Fontanilla,1 Molly Johannessen,2 Abdol R. Hajipour,3 Nicholas V. Cozzi,1 Meyer B. Jackson,2 Arnold E. Ruoho1*

    The sigma-1 receptor is widely distributed in the central nervous system and periphery. Originally mischaracterized as an opioid receptor, the sigma-1 receptor binds a vast number of synthetic compounds but does not bind opioid peptides; it is currently considered an orphan receptor. The sigma-1 receptor pharmacophore includes an alkylamine core, also found in the endogenous compound N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT). DMT acts as a hallucinogen, but its receptor target has been unclear. DMT bound to sigma-1 receptors and inhibited voltage-gated sodium ion (Na+) channels in both native cardiac myocytes and heterologous cells that express sigma-1 receptors. DMT induced hypermobility in wild-type mice but not in sigma-1 receptor knockout mice. These biochemical, physiological, and behavioral experiments indicate that DMT is an endogenous agonist for the sigma-1 receptor.

    1 Department of Pharmacology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI 53706, USA.
    2 Department of Physiology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI 53706, USA.
    3 Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan 84156, IR Iran.

    The Site / Forum will be down for a while today!
    « on: January 28, 2009, 12:33:03 PM »
    Hello all,

    I am going to try to fix the posting issues we have had for a little while now. This means I will need to take down the board for a little while.
    Around 11pm GMT today, Wednesday, the forums will be down for hopefully only an hour or two. Maybe less.

    I believe that will be 6pm EST. and 3pm PST.

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