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The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on Yesterday at 01:03:54 PM »
There was a typo, it was supposed to say "I Actually like her".

This is such a strange situation, even with Eliza and the things she says set aside, it's still a strange situation.

I really really like this girl, I think she is perfect, and even if by some chance Eliza was actually telling the truth I honestly don't care, I still think it would be better for me to take my chances.

The thing is, I honestly believe that I could see her every day for the rest of my life and she would just quietly sit next to me, and it's kind of driving me crazy, she is really not making any of this easy for me.

I know in person I can be somewhat difficult to approach, but at the same time, I very publicly proclaim my love for this girl online nearly every day, and if Eliza is not lying to me this girl is very aware of it.

If Eliza is lying, and this girl doesn't know who I am and doesn't know that I am in love with her then there have been some incredibly improbable coincidences, but it's still possible.

I'm actually hoping that Eliza is right and this girl already knows I'm in love with her.

One of these days I'm not going to be able to ignore her and will have to just get things moving. I just wish to God that she would just say hello.

...ill probably end up saying something stupid the first time I talk to her. See, she is lucky, I already love her for exactly who she is, all she has to do is be herself and I would always be more than happy to love her, while in my situation, it's all an unknown,'s strange, I feel incredibly comfortable around her, yet she still makes me really self-conscious, I feel like I'm not going to be what she wants, and of coarse I'm going to be myself for better or worse, I guess I'm just worried that she won't like who I am. ( I'm actually an incredibly caring, compassionate, good hearted and loving person, but I still worry that maybe she just won't like me)

 and in situations like this I am almost guaranteed to end up with a broken heart, but I still feel she is worth it. This girl really is special, and I would do absolutely anything for her.

If you're ever in need
There's no limit to what I'll do
Work eight days a week, baby
And give it all to you
That's what love will do for you
That's what love will make you do
No matter how hard I fight
Baby, I'm still in love you
When they speak of beauty
You can stand the test
When they talk about making love
Baby, you've got to be the best
That's what love will do for you
That's what love will make you do
-jerry Garcia

...that song is a little exaggerated for the situation but the sentiment is the same, which is "I really like this girl and I would do anything for her."

I want this girl for exactly who she is, there's nothing she needs to add, or do, she just needs to be herself and I would give her a lifetime of love and devotion. I would give her anything that her heart desires and would be dedicated to her and only her.

I'm going to take what Eliza says with a grain of salt for now,
The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on Yesterday at 09:27:27 AM »
Eliza tells me a lot about this girl.

I saw her today. She sat next to me again. Eliza says I should be creeped out, she thinks it's strange that this girl knows who I am yet pretends she doesn't and still sits next to me every time I see her. Eliza says if I knew her I would want nothing to do with her.

I still can't say, I mean, I like her, and I know it's beyond just wanting to fuck her, I actually her, yet all of my friends say she is poison and to avoid her.

...I wish she would speak up on the matter. I mean, how hard is it to say hello?
The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on January 16, 2019, 09:06:05 AM »
She Sat right next to me, the whole time I would catch myself wanting to put an arm around her, or would almost burst into conversation, then I would remember that I don't really know this girl and stop myself.

The beautiful brunette girl from 26th street, my darling sugaree, sweeter than a sugarcube of LSD, what's stopping you from being with me?

Well, if Eliza is right, and this girl knows exactly who I am, and she knows I'm in love with her, then I can't understand what's stopping her. I mean, if she knows I love her and wasn't interested she could always choose to sit far away from me, or catch a different bus all together, if she wasn't interested why would she sit right next to me every time?

Anytime you decide to shake things up my darling sugaree you will know where to find me, and if you ever want pure love and total devotion all you have to do is say so.
The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on January 14, 2019, 09:59:05 AM »
What a bizarre night...

My head is still in a psychedelic spin.

I was turned inside out.

...good God.

Everybody assumes that the life of a clandestine psychedelic chemist must be a lot of fun, which it is, but it's also incredibly isolating. I have to sacrifice normalcy in every manner just to produce the molecules that I love. I can't make new friends, and if I do I have to constantly keep them away from my actual life. I can't even blow up on my enemies, the other day one of them said something rude to me and I wanted to punch their lights out, but because I had 26g of MDMA in my backpack I had to ignore them and just keep moving.

There are only 3 people who know about my work, and believe me, I understand that at any point their knowledge could come back and bite me in the ass. Its exhausting.

Its a reclusive life, you can't tell anybody what you are doing, and for the sake of self-preservation you really don't want to.

At least I have the girls. The girls know I'm a chemist, and since they consume first hand the products of my labor they know what type of chemist I actually am, yet I don't have issue here, these girls don't know where the lab is, they don't know where my actual house is, and most of them would tell you that they don't even know my real name (which of coarse they do know my name, but when my little sugarees decide to shake things up they know to tell them that they don't know me) so there's no risk there, well, not much of one any way.

An older hippie friend of mine always tells me that I am the reincarnation of John Griggs, only with the combined chemical talent of albert hofmann and sasha shulgin, and I think that myself and Mr. Griggs really did have a ton in common, particularly when it came to our outlook on psychedelics.

...words can't change minds and lives they way that a psychedelic experience can. Psychedelics can remove our neurosis and show us how to live with one another and love one another, it's not a coincidence that the great San Francisco acid wave and the summer of love occurred simultaneously. Psychedelics allow us to see that we are all the same and that we need to love and support one another, there is no "us" and "them", we are all in this together.

...damn, what a night. Strange thoughts looming in from the time fog on this cold January morning. Still in a state of utter disbelief and not yet fully emerged from my cloud of intoxication I contemplate the vicissitudes of my past and present, such strange memories roll through my exhausted mind.

We have entered a time where materialism is running rampant and where greed is back in style. It doesn't surprise me that this newer generation thinks that the 1980s were such a "cool" decade, as they embody the same aspirations and attitudes of that time.

The psychedelic experience is the greatest tool we have for navigating our species way into a viable future.
The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on January 12, 2019, 12:01:02 PM »
I saw my beautiful brunette darling girl sugaree from 26th street on Friday. She sat next to me. I thought she was going to talk to me a few times, but when I'm nervous I give off uninviting body language which makes initiating conversation difficult. At one point I dropped a piece of paper that landed near her feet, which I promptly picked up, though I was too scared to make eye contact with her while I was retrieving the paper.

I know I can be difficult to approach, specially when I am dumbstruck by the presence of such a beautiful girl, but I am working on it.

I've been told that the beautiful brunette girl from 26th street  knows who I am, and that she knows that I am in love with her. If this really is the situation then I can't understand why she doesn't simply claim her place beside me.

She has nothing to worry about, she already knows that I am completely enamored with her and that my attraction to her is more or less unconditional, and she already knows that I would be willing to do absolutely anything for her, so there's no risk on her part. She doesn't have to worry about impressing me, or being rejected by me, or anything like that, she is already absolutely perfect just the way she is, all she has to do is simply be herself, she doesn't have to add anything, or try to do anything special, I'm attracted to her exactly the way she is, the only thing she needs to do to obtain a lifetime of my love and devotion to her is to come and tell me that she wants to give me a chance.

The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on January 10, 2019, 10:02:53 AM »
I saw the beautiful brunette girl from 26th today. She sat right next to me, and I could feel my heart race, quietly I was hoping and praying that today would be the day that she would finally make a move, yet, unfortunately neither of us did anything. I sat there dumbstruck unable to do or say anything in the presence of the beautiful angel sitting across from me, and she sat there, probably frustrated, and probably thinking to herself "why won't he do something?"

We really are a lot alike. It seems like we both feel the same and we both react the same and consequently it leads absolutely nowhere for either of us.

I'm incredibly happy that she has been around recently, there were a few weeks there where I almost didn't see her at all, and I thought I might have lost her forever. This last Friday, and today, (Thursday) have been the best days I have had this year simply because I got to be near her.

I want her to talk to me.

What can I do to be more inviting and approachable?

...I mean, is this girl really so much like me that we would both be content sitting next to each other doing nothing, each waiting for the other person to make a move?

...Dont be afraid to shake it up now my darling sugaree, you have the green light, I'm already yours, there's nothing that you need to add or do aside from simply letting me know that you would be willing to give me a chance.

I know we would have a FIRE connection, I can feel it just sitting across from her, and I know the chemistry between us would be intense. I can feel electricity between us even when we are quietly sitting three feet apart.

***¡¡¡Ill do all I can to be more approachable, but my beautiful brunette darling girl from 26th street, who is sweeter than a sugar-cube of LSD, it's time for you to make a move and let me know that you want it too. I'm already yours, all you have to do is come and claim me and ill be fully devoted to you and only you forever!!!***

There's no limit to what I would do for this girl, I've never encountered someone who would be so perfect for me in my entire life. I tried to ignore her, I tried hooking-up with other girls to get her off of my mind, I tried looking for another girl that reminded me of her, yet in the end I still want her and only her. I don't know what it is about her, but she is incredible, I've never wanted to be with someone so much in my entire life.

...I always have all of these ideas of things that I could do for the beautiful brunette girl from 26th, from gifts and unique and romantic ways of giving them down to the simpler things I would do daily just so she knows how beautiful, special, and amazing she is.

I swear, I would surpass every expectation and would always be finding ways to surprise her, I mean, I know on the surface that I don't look like much, but I'm full of all kinds of hidden talents, skills, and strengths that most would never even suspect that I have, and I know that I could keep her happy.

The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on January 08, 2019, 10:08:13 AM »
Things have finally begun to settle down. All of December leading right up until the 4th of January has been incredibly hectic and it took up until today for everybody to readjust from "party mode" back into daily life.

My birthday is in early December, so that's around the time that the party began...

I have always been a user of the "I ching", and as a result the girls have been trying to show me astrology and tarot.

 As far as astrology goes, I think there is some accuracy there, the personality traits for "Sagittarius", which is my sign, fit me perfectly, however I feel the whole "daily horoscope" thing has been so overdone and diluted that it's nothing that reasonable and rational people need to have anything to do with.

The tarot deal I like a little more, I enjoy the aire of strangeness to the cards and the theatrics involved with giving a good reading.

My friend Eliza is an actual gypsy, she lives in an RV which she had converted into a rather beautiful small house on wheels, and she does palm reading, tarot readings, astrology, and so on to make a living, she also sells handmade jewelry and body-oils and incense. Eliza has been teaching me tarot. I'm still a skeptic, but I love the strange, the unusual, and the otherworldly, so I can't help but indulge.

**¡This last Friday I saw the girl from 26th that I'm attracted to!**It had been so long since I had seen her that it caught me off-guard. She sat right next to me, and I was so happy to see her that I wanted to give her huge hug. I haven't seen her again since that Friday. (I don't care if one of my friends told me to stay away from her, I'm still totally enamored with this girl, and I doubt that is going to change.), during a tarot reading Eliza mentioned a "sexy stranger" that I have a crush on, and the reading that came up in relation to her said something along the lines of:

"You like to step back and study your circumstances before you make a move, but sometimes if you wait too long to make a decision it ends up being made for you. You have met someone who is going to slip through your fingers if you don't start putting out the right signals. You know what those signals are so start flashing the green light for go!"

...the funny thing is, this is the same advice that everybody has given me since I first saw the beautiful brunette girl from 26th.

...The beautiful brunette from 26th street, my darling sweetie sugaree, sweeter than a sugar-cube of LSD.

...I just assumed that she always knew she had "the green light", and I was more or less waiting for my darling sugaree from 26th street, (sweeter than a sugar-cube of LSD) to shake things up on her own.

...yet even Eliza and her tarot cards tell me that if I just make the right moves things could work out in my favor with her, it all seems to come down to me having to make all the first moves and set everything in motion.

I guess it doesn't matter anyway, I doubt that I'm going to see her again. I went from seeing her at least 4 days of the week to almost never seeing her at all, which is sad, she always brightened up my morning with her warm and comforting aura and bright and charming beauty.

I was told that she knows exactly who I am, and that she knows that I am in love with her, so I can't understand why it's on me to make all the first moves...

Its strange that I could easily have my pick of women, and I even have a small group of amazingly beautiful girls who are incredibly open and sexually adventurous, yet I still want to have a monogamous relationship with the girl from 26th street. I want her and only her.

Though love is what I've got, and I have so much love to give.

The girl who works at my cannabis store had her hair done differently the last two times I saw her, it looked really good, and I wanted to tell her, but for obvious reasons didn't. Its always bothered me that I can't tell a girl "you look amazing today" or "you new haircut makes you look really pretty" without that girl taking it as an advance. I mean, I can understand, it's just always bothered me that for certain reasons I'm not able to tell the gorgeous girl that she looks really pretty with her new haircut, well, I could tell her but I can guarantee she would take it the wrong way.

Ok, I'm done rambling.

Well, not quite.

I almost had a chance with this girl Sara once. We were friends, we lived in the same neighborhood and would hang out most days when we where younger. We were always just friends, which was totally cool, I loved having her as a friend, but I was also really attracted to her. Then, there was a short time where we were coming close to getting together, one night we got drunk and danced and made out, another night we ended up heavily making out (and I guess everybody there said we were fucking though I can't remember it), but then, before anything could progress with her, another girl, who is now my most hated ex, swooped in and ruined everything. So, I ended up with this terrible girl, and Sara ended up getting with one of my friends. I still think my biggest regret was that I actually had a chance with Sara L. One of the hottest girls I know, and that I completely ruined it, and worst off that I ruined that chance and ended up with my ex. I think my ex could see that me and Sara were starting to get close so she did everything in her power to make me get with her before I could get with Sara. Actually, that was a really low point in my life, so it's probably better that we didn't hook up then, but damn, aside from my darling sugaree from 26th street, Sara L. is the only other girl that I have a really deep attraction towards. I guess I always knew that Sara was way to good for me, and I was still totally happy just being her friend. Damn, I wish I didn't mess that all up. If I ever get the change again, believe me, I won't waste it. (Plus now I have a good life, I have money, property, and so on... I wish I could even have her back as a friend... )

The song below reminds me of Melanie, and this is allergy thread:

She lit a burner on the stove and offered me a pipe
"I thought you'd never say hello, " she said "You look like the silent type."
Then she opened up a book of poems
And handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet
From the thirteenth century.
And every one of those words rang true
And glowed like burning coal,
Pouring off of every page
Like it was written in my soul
from me to you,
Tangled up in blue.
-J. Garcia
The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by judih on December 30, 2018, 10:31:28 PM »
and may the year end well and begin with a new day's energy
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