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The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on January 10, 2019, 10:02:53 AM »
I saw the beautiful brunette girl from 26th today. She sat right next to me, and I could feel my heart race, quietly I was hoping and praying that today would be the day that she would finally make a move, yet, unfortunately neither of us did anything. I sat there dumbstruck unable to do or say anything in the presence of the beautiful angel sitting across from me, and she sat there, probably frustrated, and probably thinking to herself "why won't he do something?"

We really are a lot alike. It seems like we both feel the same and we both react the same and consequently it leads absolutely nowhere for either of us.

I'm incredibly happy that she has been around recently, there were a few weeks there where I almost didn't see her at all, and I thought I might have lost her forever. This last Friday, and today, (Thursday) have been the best days I have had this year simply because I got to be near her.

I want her to talk to me.

What can I do to be more inviting and approachable?

...I mean, is this girl really so much like me that we would both be content sitting next to each other doing nothing, each waiting for the other person to make a move?

...Dont be afraid to shake it up now my darling sugaree, you have the green light, I'm already yours, there's nothing that you need to add or do aside from simply letting me know that you would be willing to give me a chance.

I know we would have a FIRE connection, I can feel it just sitting across from her, and I know the chemistry between us would be intense. I can feel electricity between us even when we are quietly sitting three feet apart.

***¡¡¡Ill do all I can to be more approachable, but my beautiful brunette darling girl from 26th street, who is sweeter than a sugar-cube of LSD, it's time for you to make a move and let me know that you want it too. I'm already yours, all you have to do is come and claim me and ill be fully devoted to you and only you forever!!!***

There's no limit to what I would do for this girl, I've never encountered someone who would be so perfect for me in my entire life. I tried to ignore her, I tried hooking-up with other girls to get her off of my mind, I tried looking for another girl that reminded me of her, yet in the end I still want her and only her. I don't know what it is about her, but she is incredible, I've never wanted to be with someone so much in my entire life.

...I always have all of these ideas of things that I could do for the beautiful brunette girl from 26th, from gifts and unique and romantic ways of giving them down to the simpler things I would do daily just so she knows how beautiful, special, and amazing she is.

I swear, I would surpass every expectation and would always be finding ways to surprise her, I mean, I know on the surface that I don't look like much, but I'm full of all kinds of hidden talents, skills, and strengths that most would never even suspect that I have, and I know that I could keep her happy.

The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on January 08, 2019, 10:08:13 AM »
Things have finally begun to settle down. All of December leading right up until the 4th of January has been incredibly hectic and it took up until today for everybody to readjust from "party mode" back into daily life.

My birthday is in early December, so that's around the time that the party began...

I have always been a user of the "I ching", and as a result the girls have been trying to show me astrology and tarot.

 As far as astrology goes, I think there is some accuracy there, the personality traits for "Sagittarius", which is my sign, fit me perfectly, however I feel the whole "daily horoscope" thing has been so overdone and diluted that it's nothing that reasonable and rational people need to have anything to do with.

The tarot deal I like a little more, I enjoy the aire of strangeness to the cards and the theatrics involved with giving a good reading.

My friend Eliza is an actual gypsy, she lives in an RV which she had converted into a rather beautiful small house on wheels, and she does palm reading, tarot readings, astrology, and so on to make a living, she also sells handmade jewelry and body-oils and incense. Eliza has been teaching me tarot. I'm still a skeptic, but I love the strange, the unusual, and the otherworldly, so I can't help but indulge.

**¡This last Friday I saw the girl from 26th that I'm attracted to!**It had been so long since I had seen her that it caught me off-guard. She sat right next to me, and I was so happy to see her that I wanted to give her huge hug. I haven't seen her again since that Friday. (I don't care if one of my friends told me to stay away from her, I'm still totally enamored with this girl, and I doubt that is going to change.), during a tarot reading Eliza mentioned a "sexy stranger" that I have a crush on, and the reading that came up in relation to her said something along the lines of:

"You like to step back and study your circumstances before you make a move, but sometimes if you wait too long to make a decision it ends up being made for you. You have met someone who is going to slip through your fingers if you don't start putting out the right signals. You know what those signals are so start flashing the green light for go!"

...the funny thing is, this is the same advice that everybody has given me since I first saw the beautiful brunette girl from 26th.

...The beautiful brunette from 26th street, my darling sweetie sugaree, sweeter than a sugar-cube of LSD.

...I just assumed that she always knew she had "the green light", and I was more or less waiting for my darling sugaree from 26th street, (sweeter than a sugar-cube of LSD) to shake things up on her own.

...yet even Eliza and her tarot cards tell me that if I just make the right moves things could work out in my favor with her, it all seems to come down to me having to make all the first moves and set everything in motion.

I guess it doesn't matter anyway, I doubt that I'm going to see her again. I went from seeing her at least 4 days of the week to almost never seeing her at all, which is sad, she always brightened up my morning with her warm and comforting aura and bright and charming beauty.

I was told that she knows exactly who I am, and that she knows that I am in love with her, so I can't understand why it's on me to make all the first moves...

Its strange that I could easily have my pick of women, and I even have a small group of amazingly beautiful girls who are incredibly open and sexually adventurous, yet I still want to have a monogamous relationship with the girl from 26th street. I want her and only her.

Though love is what I've got, and I have so much love to give.

The girl who works at my cannabis store had her hair done differently the last two times I saw her, it looked really good, and I wanted to tell her, but for obvious reasons didn't. Its always bothered me that I can't tell a girl "you look amazing today" or "you new haircut makes you look really pretty" without that girl taking it as an advance. I mean, I can understand, it's just always bothered me that for certain reasons I'm not able to tell the gorgeous girl that she looks really pretty with her new haircut, well, I could tell her but I can guarantee she would take it the wrong way.

Ok, I'm done rambling.

Well, not quite.

I almost had a chance with this girl Sara once. We were friends, we lived in the same neighborhood and would hang out most days when we where younger. We were always just friends, which was totally cool, I loved having her as a friend, but I was also really attracted to her. Then, there was a short time where we were coming close to getting together, one night we got drunk and danced and made out, another night we ended up heavily making out (and I guess everybody there said we were fucking though I can't remember it), but then, before anything could progress with her, another girl, who is now my most hated ex, swooped in and ruined everything. So, I ended up with this terrible girl, and Sara ended up getting with one of my friends. I still think my biggest regret was that I actually had a chance with Sara L. One of the hottest girls I know, and that I completely ruined it, and worst off that I ruined that chance and ended up with my ex. I think my ex could see that me and Sara were starting to get close so she did everything in her power to make me get with her before I could get with Sara. Actually, that was a really low point in my life, so it's probably better that we didn't hook up then, but damn, aside from my darling sugaree from 26th street, Sara L. is the only other girl that I have a really deep attraction towards. I guess I always knew that Sara was way to good for me, and I was still totally happy just being her friend. Damn, I wish I didn't mess that all up. If I ever get the change again, believe me, I won't waste it. (Plus now I have a good life, I have money, property, and so on... I wish I could even have her back as a friend... )

The song below reminds me of Melanie, and this is allergy thread:

She lit a burner on the stove and offered me a pipe
"I thought you'd never say hello, " she said "You look like the silent type."
Then she opened up a book of poems
And handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet
From the thirteenth century.
And every one of those words rang true
And glowed like burning coal,
Pouring off of every page
Like it was written in my soul
from me to you,
Tangled up in blue.
-J. Garcia
The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by judih on December 30, 2018, 10:31:28 PM »
and may the year end well and begin with a new day's energy
No show Dec 29, Jan 5, Jan 12, & Jan 19. Next show Jan 26! :P
Turn on . . . tune in! SpiritPlants Radio is on the air 24/7!

Welcome to Encore Weekends on SpiritPlants Radio! (Dec 29-30, 2018, Jan 5-6, 2019, Jan 12-13, 2019, & Jan 19-20, 2019). Featured are the 8 DJ'd shows that were on in 2018! These shows & their DJs include:

*** Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution with DJ Soulard | Show information:
*** In the Window with DJ Frogs | Show information:
*** Where the Light Most Falls with DJ Tamara | Show information:
*** Nighttime Daydreams with DJ Toanké | Show information:
*** Electronica By DJ Veronica | Show information:
*** White Walls with DJ Blue | Show information:
*** Regional Cuisine: Deep Fried Roots Music with DJRL | Show information:
*** Invitation to a Daydream with DJ Melting Machine | Show information:

SpiritPlants Radio's website can be found at On this site is the current weekend schedule & links to listen live, as well as links to the station's archives, blog, forum, chat, playlists, & song history. During the weekdays you are invited to enter the (M)ystery-(F)low . . .

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The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on December 30, 2018, 04:20:24 PM »
Couldn't find any pictures of the girls that I could post, well, maybe one, you really can't see much in the picture, and I was only able to take like two pictures before being dragged in.
The Library / Re: Poetry/prose/creative writing.
« Last post by Intrepid_traveler on December 30, 2018, 04:18:03 PM »
Why would these people think I'm from the south? I visited Florida for like 5 months one time, but I'm not from the south and I've really never been there for extended period of time. More proof that these people don't know me or anything about me.
Hello everyone,

DJ Frogs' epic work "BrainSong" ran weekly on SpiritPlants Radio originally in 2012. Then we ran it 24 hours straight on Boxing Day (December 26) in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017.

So here we go again, on December 28, 2018, 7:30 pm, a couple of days after Boxing Day UK this time (Dec 28, 2:30 pm, East Coast US  time), "BrainSong" comes again!

    •    You can tune in the "BrainSong" at:
    •    You can take a look at more "BrainSong" information at:
    •    You can find out when the "BrainSong" marathon begins in your time zone by going to and putting in 12/28/2018 7:30 pm, UK time, and your own zone, to find out.

Here is Frogs' explanation about his show:

When I was around 13 my 3 year old sister was given some story records these came on coloured vinyl and played at 78 rpm, I would spend hours listening to them at 16 rpm. In the mid 70's I acquired a copy-cat machine (a looped tape with several playback heads), I would plug it into the radio and feed in the speech and with the use of nitrous oxide listen to the resulting echo's and auditory hallucinations. I think these were the original inspiration for the "BrainSong."

The "BrainSong" was started in 2004 on an old 486 machine with a hard disk measured in mega bytes - 80 I think but it may have been 40 but I now can't quite believe I could have worked on a disk that small even though I can remember a time when all we had were floppy disks and not those 3 inch ones but the 5 inch really floppy floppys. I do know that the drive was not big enough for me to be able to record a full 30 minute radio programme so I would record to cassette tape and then take the samples from there, sometimes just half a sentence. The samples were then grouped by theme until there was enough to fill a 3 inch floppy – so I guess it must have been a 40 Meg hard drive. The samples could sit on the floppy for months before being used which is why I now can't remember which radio programmes most of them came from; the sources I can remember are listed lower down.

I would create around 10 to 15 minutes of audio and then back it up on to a pile of floppys as a multi disk zip, then remove the original files and start on the next 10 to 15 minutes. If you have not tried using floppies for storing audio then DON'T! You can get about 90 seconds per disk.

I eventually got a machine with a 40 Gig hard drive and assembled the 8 hour piece from the 300 plus floppy disks into 8 or 9 files and it was about 12 minutes too long as this was 2 or 3 days' work I just could not bring myself to edit that much out – now remember I had been working on this for a couple of years and I'm not the most mentally stable person at the best of times – so my solution – make it a 24 hour long piece!

And I made bloody sure that when the 24 hour piece was assembled it was 24 hours :-}  I have tried to give the sounds the same type of texture that you get visualy with acid.  I like the way repeated words can morph into another word - there is a section of Ginsberg saying LSD which begins very slow and speeds up - about a third of the way in I hear iot as "halo paul" for a while before it changes again.

Some Sources Of The Samples Used In the "BrainSong"

BBC Radio's 4 & 7
    •    In Our Time
    •    Something Understood
    •    The Mighty Boosh
    •    Sherlock Holmes
    •    Material World
    •    Frontiers
    •    Quote Unquote
    •    Unseen Britain
    •    The Archers
    •    The Chemistry Of Addiction
    •    The Reith Lectures 2005
    •    Beyond Our Ken
    •    The British X-Files
    •    Case Notes
    •    Thinking Allowed
    •    The Write Stuff
    •    The Archers
    •    3 Doors Down

TV Shows
    •    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    •    The Power Puff Girls
    •    The Simpsons

    •    Moondog
    •    Timothy Leary - The Psychedelic Experience
    •    Quinton Crisp - An Evening With
    •    Frank Zappa - ?
    •    Neil - Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Man
    •    Ron Geesin – As He Stands
    •    Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies

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SpiritPlants Radio / This Weekend on SpiritPlants Radio! (December 22-23, 2018)
« Last post by cenacle on December 22, 2018, 02:05:53 PM »
Turn on . . . tune in! SpiritPlants Radio is on the air 24/7! And now for 15 years!

SpiritPlants Radio's website can be found at On this site is the current weekday & weekend schedule & links to listen live, as well as links to the station's archives, blog, forum, chat, playlists, & song history.

During the weekdays you are invited to enter the (M)ystery-(F)low, whose themes include: Comedy Monday, Psychedelic Tuesday, Wild Card Wednesday, Jazz Thursday, & Rock Friday . . .

This  weekend features 3 DJs, including Soulard, Frogs, & the return of DJRL! This weekend (December 15-16, 2018)'s scheduled programming includes:

Featured SpiritPlants Radio DJs:
*** Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution with DJ Soulard #653 | Show information:
*** In the Window with DJ Frogs #246 | Show information:
*** White Walls with DJ Blue #31 | Show information:

Featured Programs:
*** Long Live Rock!: Neil Young - Solo Acoustic - November 1976 | Show information:
*** Psychedelic Lectures: "Psychedelic Stories from Nashville" | Show information:
*** Jazz Cafe: Esbjörn Svensson Trio - 20.May.2005 - London, England | Show information:
*** Comedy Hour: "Season's Greetings from SpiritPlants Radio!" | Show information:
*** News Hour: "World Week in Review" | Show information:
*** Storybook Time: Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" | Show information:
*** Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - "The Nutcracker" | Show information:
*** Science Report: "Physics: Science of the Impossible" | Show information: http:/

This weekend's programming concludes the 2018 SpiritPlants Radio weekend schedule of new shows and featured programs. Your feedback ( will be greatly appreciated in helping to improve our station! And check out Dose One: A SpiritPlants Radio Psychedelic Sampler (!

We are always looking for new DJs to join our station (email us at

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Within's Within: Scenes from the Psychedelic Revolution
with DJ Soulard
Show #653
East Coast Time: Saturday 22 December 2018 at: US East Coast: 11am-2pm
Repeats: Sunday 23 December 2018: 8pm-11pm
Repeats: Saturday 29 December 2018 8pm-11pm
Other time zones:

Tune in SpiritPlants Radio Online:
Within's Within Radio Archives:

On this week's show:
* Featured New Rock Album: Ola Podrida, *Ghosts Go Blind* (2013) . . . Texas indie rock band led by film composer David Wingo . . . moody, chiming music . . . this feels like the kind of winter music good to include in this show's final 2018 episode . . .

* Featured Classic Rock Album Redux: Al Stewart, *Love Chronicles* (1969) . . . Great early album by this English folk-rock troubadour . . . the sound of a young artist in love with life, wondering how much his music could encompass about the world & about his own life . . . very very much . . .
* Storybook Time*: Chapter 19 of *The Unconsoled* by Kazuo Ishiguro . . .

* Readings from *Bags End News* & *Labyrinthine* . . .  this week's 16th annual holiday broadcast concludes this year's run of shows . . . thank you for listening, enjoy your Season of Lights, blessed be now & always to you :) Begin again, & again, & again . . .

Webcasting to the globe & beyond from Ye Olde New England!
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