Author Topic: A Warning about a BAD Hosting Company! Sucks!  (Read 2508 times)

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A Warning about a BAD Hosting Company! Sucks!
« on: December 22, 2008, 11:07:17 AM »
Well I DID have a web site full of presents!

The hosting Grinches at knocked my Software Santa web site OFF the Internet 5 days ago.

Do NOT EVER buy a hosting plan from - you'll be sorry! 3 or 4 days downtime for their customers doesn't bother them one little bit!

They ruined my web site just in time for Christmas! I'm sure they don't care either.

That's UNCOOL! Tell everyone you know is unreliable and save THEM the agony of being GRINCHED!

I did not buy a hosting plan from them. (Thank Goddess!)

A friend of mine did and has graciously been providing free hosting for me for almost 2 years - Thank You my dear friend (you know who you are)!

But ALL of his Business sites were down for 3 days before those jerks restored his services. Unconscionable! All the rest of his web sites are finally working again. Only my web site is still ruined.

Somehow they managed to mess my Christmas site up - and I can't fix it ...
"500 Internal Server error." is all I have to give away for Christmas right now!

WARN Everyone thinking about buying a hosting plan to STAY AWAY from the incompetent idiots at !!!!! I'm hoping my friend can get my site working again for me. Otherwise 2 years of my work has been destroyed by JUST in Time for Christmas!

God Damn Grinches! They Ruined my Christmas! Now I have NOTHING to share with ANYONE! The 1,000 business cards I had printed are now a waste of $75 thanks to !

I'm VERY Disappointed. Save Everyone you know from purchasing a hosting plan with - you'll save them a LOT of Grief. Learn from my hard lesson!