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Dead cover bands
« on: October 06, 2018, 02:56:17 PM »
I remember way back when, when Garcia was still alive hearing the Deadbeats, one of the first Dead cover bands and being more than a little creeped out. At that point I knew the music buy hadnt played much of it since trying to learn the tunes on Skull Fuck when i was a teenager. Since Garcia checked out there has been a rash and rush of bands playing the Grateful Deads extensive book. Now Im often called on to play the tunes made famous by the great band.

And I really love playing those tunes, especially the ones that open up for some outside jamming. Most of the time they are just tunes on a list, part of a bigger repertoire but this last weekend I played 2 shows with the Saints of Circumstance, all Dead or JGB tunes. And while it is a pretty good band and some great songs,  it felt a little weird.
Now Ive seen DSO 4 times and they do a spot on imitation of the OGs. And again, while Ive enjoyed the shows it did feel a little weird.
Your thoughts?
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