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Kratom the care and feeding of light,water air and earth

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hey stoney pm  with what kinda price you would want for a kratom my friend wants one. i got 2 now

and here is what greenman gardens has to say about this plants care feeding and light.

Mitragyna speciosa

Care Instructions:

Unpack your plant carefully!  It has been lovingly packaged in order to survive the rigors of shipping.  Once unpacked water your plant only if it is dry, otherwise place it in a warm, humid, and shady location and let it rest for a couple of days.  After resting give a mild dose of transplant fertilizer containing vitamin B1.

Kratom is native to tropical South East Asia.  Kratom prefers full sun to part shade (50-60%) and a high humidity environment.  Plant in as large a container as you can handle in a well-drained mix high in organic content.  I use a mix consisting of 1/3 peat, 1/3 compost/worm castings, and 1/3 coarse sand/ perlite (with some larger aggregate).  No soil sterilization is necessary, and in fact kratom seems to benefit greatly from a well inoculated “living” soil.  Kratom’s growth can be somewhat restricted if needed by keeping them in a smaller container and periodically lifting and trimming the roots.  They also respond well to heavy pruning.  In a large container (I use 20 gallon for mother plants) they will amaze you with an incredible growth rate.  One of my mother plants grew over 12 feet in it’s first summer from a 10 inch cutting!  It is best to step up container size as the plants grow and fill their pot rather than to start them off in a large one.  Too large a container when plants are small promotes root rot as the excess soil holds too much moisture.  Once established these trees use lots of water and fertilizer.  They may require heavy daily waterings.  Feed them weekly or bi-weekly with a balance fertilizer while in active growth (less in winter).  I use bat guano and fish emulsions and mix it on the strong side of label recommendations.  Although tropical, I’ve found that kratom can tolerate temperatures into the mid 30’s with no adverse affects.  A light frost will cause it to lose leaves, but it will quickly recover and resprout.

Phung, those are good instructions. The kratom like shade when it's small but as it gets larger it like more and more sun. Mine are in full sun about 2/3 of the day. BotanyGuru, it costs money to ship them plus the value of the plant. Phung, a pm is on it's way.

Heya folks,

My baby kratom plant has thrown its leaves and the new leaf sprouts have slight mold on them. I had been keeping humidity up with a bag over the pot like I do for my sallys during less humid months here. I took the bag off and allowed greater drainage when I discovered new growth with cobweb mold. Is there anything else I can do to save it?


I would try a spray with baking soda for the mold. It works with common brown mold. 1 tsp baking soda per gallon of water. You can put in a few drops of dish soap or a spreader sticker.

They normally drop leaves this time of year so don't worry too much about that. Don't let it stay out in the cold. They can take it down into the 40's but they don't like it. Temps in the 30's will hurt them and freezing usually kills them.

Cobwebs can be spider mites. For that you need a different treatment so make sure what it is you have.


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