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Sun Tea
« on: August 29, 2017, 10:34:40 PM »
As I learned it, sun tea was made with peyote also called buttons or pejuta (medicine). The way I personally like this method is with fresh green peyote cut above the roots so as to allow the roots to regrow a specimen. The peyote were collected and then placed in a large glass jar and simply set out in the sun for 4-7 days. When the water turned a light green color it was effectively done. Taste was very agreeable this way and no nausea was ever noted this way. I've been a member of the NAC for many years. Sundanced, vision quested, etc. etc. If I have any question it is this... who owns the medicine? Who owns the right to tell others what medicine they can or can not use? In the case of pejuta it is a double edged sword perhaps as the rate of consumption is often faster than they can be grown and that is the fear which could of course be offset if everyone grew their own pejuta.